Post Process

A Post production studio

An Orange County Post House.

In the heart of Orange County lies Post Process, a humble yet fiercely talented post-production house. Our team, forged from experiences with industry giants, brings an approachable edge to the world of professional editing, color grading, motion design, and sound engineering.


With decades of combined experience, our team of editors is well-versed in crafting captivating narratives across a diverse spectrum of projects. From immersive long-form documentaries to engaging ad campaigns, we bring finesse to every edit, ensuring your story resonates with your audience, no matter the medium.


We understand the power of color in evoking emotion and enhancing storytelling. Harnessing the latest in technology, our in-house colorist expertly wields the Resolve grading system to infuse your footage with that coveted cinematic allure.


Elevate your visual storytelling with our motion designers at Post Process. From dynamic graphics to visual effects, we specialize in breathing life into every frame of your video.


Whether it's destined for the web, a streaming service, or the big screen, our experienced team has the expertise to properly mix and master your film ensuring it delivers maximum impact and resonates with your audience wherever they may be.



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