The Proof is in the Process.

Process is a full-service, award-winning content production company based in Orange County, California. Founded in 2012, Process is known for making content that cuts to the heart and creates a lasting impact. We are a team of producers, directors, strategists, editors, and photographers leading and stewarding vision for brands and individuals from creative development through launch.

We pull from deep industry experience and a passion for the proven Process required to create content that is authentic, compelling, and effective.


Concept Development

Production & Execution

Post-Production & Editorial

Content Strategy

Our Clients

For over a decade, we've been helping agencies, brands, and individuals make an impact through their content. We are honored to collaborate with some of the world's leading brands and most influential people.

Our Dicipline's

Creative Development

Whether capturing your pre-developed concepts or uncovering and distilling your life into a story, we pride ourselves in developing strategic and powerful creative and producing that creative from ideation to launch.

From documentaries, branded content, broadcast commercials, social content, and photography, the collaborative process of creative development is where it all begins.


Concept Development

Creative Strategy



Production & Execution

Closing down a city block, asking the tough question, high-security and international translators, tabletop, and in the studio... We're ready when you are.

Our team is made up of industry pros and scrappy up and comers. Producers, directors, project managers that really care about the process.




Branded Content




Digital Advertising

Motion Graphics

Post-production & Editorial

We understand pacing, emotion, and conversion and how editorial is the driver behind so much of the viewing experience. Our editorial team can turn a Long-form brand film into a complete suite of cutdown spots and social assets, all while maintaining story, strategy, and vision.

Our internal team of editors and our vast network of finishing partners work closely to ensure our process's final touch is efficient and done with care.



Distribution & Placement

Color Correction


Raw Footage Archival

Content Strategy

Our deep understanding of developing, producing, and distributing content allows your time, budget, and content to be optimized for performance. Our team has spent over a decade developing and producing content that performs. Whether looking to create a better return on your advertising spend or further articulate the soul of your brand, we can steward your brand's resources and vision to produce impactful results. 




Performance Content

Content Planning

Digital Advertising

Placement & Distribution